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The Bard’s Daughter released!

Gwen mentions in The Good Knight, the first of the Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mysteries, that her father was once accused of murder.  Many of my readers have asked about that incident, and I decided it would be fun to tell that story.  It ended up as a 22,000 word novella (about 100 pages), that I’ve decided to give away for free as a gift to my readers and as an introduction to the mysteries. Many thanks again to my amazing cover artist, Christine DeMaio-Rice of for the beautiful cover!

The Bard’s Daughter

The Bard’s Daughter is a 22,000 word prequel to the Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mysteries:

As a bard’s daughter, Gwen has spent her life traveling from castle to castle and village to village with her family, following the music. In the winter of 1141, Gwen’s family is contracted to provide the entertainment for the coming-of-age celebration of a lord’s son. But before the celebration can begin, Gwen’s father is found over the body of his friend, with a harp string as the murder weapon and blood on his hands.

With the lord of the castle uninterested in finding the true killer, it is up to Gwen to clear her father’s name before her father’s music is silenced … forever.

The Bard’s Daughter is available for FREE at:

Or download it directly to your Kindle (for $1.99):  Amazon  Amazon UK

It is also free in all formats at Smashwords (Kindle/Nook/Apple etc.):

And at Feedbooks (in epub/Kindle/pdf):

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