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The Admirable Physician (March 29, 2024)

Series: The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries

Gareth and Gwen investigate murder amongst the Hospitallers in The Admirable Physician, the sixteenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

April 1150. War has come yet again to Ceredigion. As Prince Hywel marches south alongside his wily uncle, preparing to battle his own cousins, Gareth and Gwen learn of murder and treachery among the Hospitallers who are succoring the ill and wounded within the army.

As they investigate, even in the midst of war, they uncover not only murder, but treason and betrayal as well—and inadvertently set the stage for that final reckoning within King Owain’s court that has been such a long time coming.


Legacy of Time (October 28, 2023)

Series: After Cilmeri

September 1297. David and his family and friends have come to Carew Castle in Wales to participate in a tournament in the spirit of King Arthur. Two years have passed since the events in Hidden in Time. Questions remain not only as to the whereabouts of the traitor, Bogo de Clare, who is still at large, but the relationship of David’s family with Avalon.

Can they still time travel?

And, even if they can, would it be better if they didn’t?

Join David and his friends and family for the next installment in the After Cilmeri series!


Herald (April 19, 2023)

Series: The Welsh Guard Mysteries

Rhys and Catrin contend with betrayal and insurrection as they resume their duties in the king’s court …

September 1284. Within moments of rejoining the king’s company, Rhys and Catrin learn King Edward has not only melted down the silver seal of their murdered prince and turned it into a chalice, but the chalice itself has gone missing a matter of days before its intended consecration at Vale Royal Abbey.

Assigned to find the culprit, they discover instead a populace seething over the predations of the abbey and its officers, and an unusual alliance between Norman and Saxon. As the unrest in the countryside grows, Rhys and Catrin’s initial apathy turns to urgency, and with Cheshire teetering on the brink of open rebellion, they are not the only ones who have to decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice to bring down a king.

Herald is the fourth book in The Welsh Guard Mysteries.

Series so far: Crouchback, Chevalier, Paladin, Herald


The Honorable Traitor (December 25, 2022)

Series: The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries

January 1150. Another attempt at peace has brought the kingdoms of Gwynedd and Powys together. Not everyone wants the deal to succeed, however. In fact, some of those who don’t are the very people meant to be participating.

So when the body of a woman turns up in an incriminating location, Queen Cristina is loath to involve anyone in the investigation but … Gareth and Gwen.