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Castles in Wales

Aber Garth Celyn

Aberedw Castle

Aberffraw Castle

Aberystwyth Castle


An Iron Ring of Castles

Beaumaris Castle

Brecon Castle

Bryn Euryn & Llys Euryn

Buellt Castle

Bryn y Castell (Iron Age Hill Fort)

Caer Fawr (Iron Age Hill Fort)


Caernarfon Town Walls (360 video)


Carew Castle

Carnodochan Castle

Castell Aberlleiniog

Carreg Cennen Castle

Castell y Bere, Gwynedd

Castell Dinas

Castles of the Welsh Princes

Chirk Castle

Cilgerran Castle

Criccieth Castle

Crickhowell Castle

Conwy Castle


Denbigh Castle

Dinas Bran

Dinas Emrys


Dolbadarn Castle


Dolwyddelan Castle

Domen Ddreiniog

Dryslyn Castle

Ewlo (Ewloe Castle)

Flint Castle

Harlech Castle

Hen Castell

Hill Forts:  Dinas Bran, Dinas Emrys, and Tre’r Ceiri

Kidwelly Castle

Llansteffan Castle

Llysoedd Gwynedd

Llys Rhosyr (Royal Palace on Anglesey)

Ogmore Castle

Pembroke Castle

Pen y Castell

Penrhyn Castle

Raglan Castle

Rhuddlan Castle (s)

A Question about Rhuddlan Castle

Tomen y Mur


White Castle

Wiston Castle


Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

11 December 1282

Abbey Cwm Hir


The Battle of the Menai Strait (Moel y Don)

Betrayal in the Belfry of Bangor

Biography of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

The Brothers Gwynedd



Dafydd ap Gruffydd

Dafydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Wales (d. 1246)

The Death of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

Eleanor (Elinor) de Montfort

Family Tree of the Royal House of Wales

Gwynedd after 1282

Historiography of the Welsh Conquest

King Edward I of England

King Edward and the Welsh

King Edward I and the Crown of France

The Kings of France

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

Medieval Planned Communities

Memo to Llywelyn ap Gruffydd’s Staff

The Prince of Wales

The Rising of 1256

Senana, Mother of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

Simon de Montfort

The Statute of Wales (Rhuddlan)

Surprise Holy Day Attack!

Things Fall Apart

The Treason of Dafydd ap Gruffydd

Welsh Heraldry

Welsh Independence

Welsh Independence (again)

Would a Medieval Prince Have Had an Office?


War and Warfare


The Antonine Wall

Battle of Crogen

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Boudicca’s Revolt

The Celts in Wales

Chateau des Baux

Clun Castle

Dark Age and Medieval Armor

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd

The Eagle (movie review)

European Martial Arts

European Invasions

The Fall of the Templars

The First Crusade

Hadrian’s Wall

Holt Castle

Housesteads Roman Fort

Ironclad (movie review)

King Edward’s Planted Towns

The Knights Hospitaller

The Knights Templar

The Longbow

The Lords of Chepstow

Medieval Shields

A Medieval Siege

Medieval Siege Weapons

Medieval Swords and Armor

Medieval Swords and Armor were NOT Heavy

Medieval Sword Vocabulary

The Origins of Saxon England

The Ninth Crusade

The Norman Conquest of Ireland (part 1)

The Normans in Wales

Owain Glyndwr (Owain Glendower)

Razing Castles in the Fourteenth Century


The Roman Conquest of Britain

Roman Religion

The Siege of Kenilworth

The Third Crusade

Timeline: Stupid Movie Blog Tour

The Vikings (Danes) in Ireland

Wales and Scotland:  War, Rebellion, and Edward I

The Welsh Longbow

Welsh Rebels

Welsh Resistance in South Wales

The Welsh Robin Hood


Daily Life

A Good Meal

The Bards of Wales

Bathing in the Middle Ages

The Black Death In Wales


The Calendar

Carneddau Ponies

Celebrating the New Year in Medieval Wales

The History of Chicken Pox

Child Mortality

Child Rearing in the Middle Ages

Cofiwch Dryweryn

Did Cancer Exist in the Middle Ages?

Daily Living in the Middle Ages

Days of the Week

Din Lligwy

Forest Laws

Height in the Middle Ages

The History of Chicken Pox

History of Paper

Houses and Nails

The Invention of the Chimney


Life Expectancy in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages not so Bad

Literacy in the Middle Ages

Marriage in Dark Age Wales

Medicinal Herbs in Wales

Medieval Coinage

Medieval Dates of the Week 1100-1500 AD

Medieval Diseases

The Medieval Gait

Medieval Forensics

Medieval Life Expectancy:  Muslim World verses Christian World

Medieval Moneylending

Medieval Poisons

Medieval Roads

The Menai Strait

Mob Ball, Football, and the Origin of  Sports

Mortality Rates

The National Slate Museum of Wales

New Abbey Cornmill

Population in Wales

Prejudice against the Welsh

Prestatyn Roman Bath

Rushes on the Floor

Sheep in Wales


Slavery and Wales

Sports in the Dark and Middle Ages

Stott Park Bobbin Mill

How Tall were People in the Middle Ages?

Toxic Beauty

The Weather in Wales

The Evolution of Welsh

Welsh Surnames

What did Medieval People Drink?

What is Mead?

Witchcraft and Witch Trials in the Middle Ages

Wisdom Teeth

Women and Riding

Women in Celtic Society

The Wool Trade

Wooly Mittens

Yew Trees


King Arthur

All about King Arthur

The Fictive and Historical King Arthur

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Historical Sources for King Arthur

Possible King Arthur (s)

Was King Arthur Real?

King Arthur: fact or fiction

King Edward and King Arthur

Who Was Guinevere?


Morgan/Morgana/Morgan le Fey

The British (Welsh/Cymry) High Council

For information on the places associated with King Arthur:

The Holy Grail and Dinas Bran

King Arthur’s Round Table–or why it wasn’t just found in Chester

Mount Badon

Mount Badon/Caer Faddon (part 2)

The Roman Fort of Caerleon (and Arthur’s Camelot?)


For a discussion of fictional/mythological aspects of King Arthur:

The Best and Worst of King Arthur Movies

The Fictional King Arthur (rant)–or why stories about King Arthur drive me crazy sometimes.

King Arthur’s Family Tree

Thirteen Treasures of Britain

Triumph of Medieval Propaganda


Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon

The Beginning of the Dark Ages in Britain

The Great Prophecy of Britain

Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon

The Welsh Dragon


The Early Middle Ages

Anglo-Saxon Law (to 1066)

Buried Treasure

Caer Seion

The Celtic City of Glanum

The Celts in Wales

The Conquests of Llywelyn ap Iowerth

The Coracle, Prince Madoc, and the Mandans

Cunedda, the Founder of Gwynedd

Danish Bones found at Oxford

Din Lligwy

Dinas Dinlle

The Earliest Universities

The Fall of Rome

Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd

The Hill of Tara

Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles

Irish in Wales

King Offa of Mercia

King Stephen

Kingdom of Heaven (movie review)

The Kingdom of Mercia

Laws of Hywel Dda

Llywelyn Fawr

Murder and Mayhem in the Early Middle Ages

The Origins of Saxon England

The Normans in Wales

Offa’s Dyke

Owain Gwynedd

Owain Gwynedd’s Birthday

The Pillar of Eliseg

The Revolt of 1136

Rewriting the Dark Ages

Robin Hood (2010)

Sarn Helen

The Saxon Invasions

Shifting Views of the Past

The Succession (1170 AD)

Viking Raids

Vortigern—who was he again?

What was up with Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd?



Bedlam, England’s oldest insane asylum found

Beeston Castle

Carlisle Castle




Early Parliament

Hill of Tara

Is there Welsh blood in the new prince?

Kenilworth Castle

Kilchurn Castle

Medieval Scottish Clans

The Mortimers

Roche Castle

Roscommon Castle

Skipton Castle

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Scots, Scottish, and Gaelic–What’s the Difference?

The Succession of 1290 (Scotland)

Trim Castle (Ireland)

Warkworth Castle

Westminster Palace

Whittington Castle

Wigmore Castle

Woodbury Castle

Wroxeter Roman City



Aber Falls

Bwlch y Ddeufaen

Caerhun (Canovium)

Ceide Fields

Countries Invaded by Britain, only 22 spared

Dinas Dinlle


Devil’s Bridge


Fort Saint-Andre

Gerald of Wales

Hedgerows and the Wildwood

How did the potato get to Ireland?

The Kingdoms of France

The Kingdoms of Wales

The Little Ice Age

Llyn Anafon

Maps of Wales

Maps of Welsh Castles

Medicinal Herbs in Wales

Messenger Pigeons in the Middle Ages

Richard III Body Found in Car Park

The Roman Conquest of Britain

Roman France

Roman Roads

Roman Villa found near Aberystwyth


Welsh Cantrefs and Commotes

Welsh Foundation of the American Revolution

Welsh Place Names

We’re all descended from Charlemagne

The Wild Boar in Britain

Working Archaeology in Wales

Ynys Mon (Anglesey) in the Dark/Middle Ages



The Anam Cara

Annwn (The Welsh Underworld)

Basingwerk Abbey

Battle Abbey

Bective Abbey

Bryn Celli Ddu

Calan Gaeaf

Christchurch Cathedral

Christmas and the Winter Solstice

The Cistercians

The Church of the Holy Cross (Eglwys y Grog)

Demons of the Ancient World

The Druid’s Circle

Early Christianity in Wales

The First Branch of the Mabinogi

Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Gerald of Wales

Halloween in Wales

Happy St. David’s Day!

Healing Wells

Inchmahome Priory

The Knights Templar

Lamphey Bishop’s Palace


Lanercost Priory





Medieval Monks

Monastic Orders

Mithras in Britain

Myth and Religion in the Dark Ages

The Nature of Knowledge

Norman Christianity

The Pelagian Heresy

Pogram against the Jews (Edward I)

Religious Non-conformity in Wales

Rievaulx Abbey

Roman Religion in Britain

Sacred Groves

Santa Claus and the Wild Hunt

Saxon Religion

St. Beuno’s Church at Clynnog Fawr

St. Beuno’s Pistyll

St. David’s Cathedral

St. Derfel and the Stag

St. Govan’s Chapel

St. Mary’s Church, Trefriw

St. Patrick (Padrig) in Wales

St. Peblig’s Church (Llanbeblig), Caernarfon

The Sidhe


The Summer Solstice/Stone Circles

Strata Florida Abbey

Templars and Hospitallers in Wales

Temple Church London

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey Ireland

Valle Crucis Abbey

Welsh Christianity

Welsh Faeries

Women in Celtic Myth

Ynys Llanddwyn

Ysbyty Cynfyn


Language and Writing

I’m a new author … how do I get published?

A Welsh Pronunciation Guide

Books in the Middle Ages

Brother Cadfael’s Penance (Review)

The First Branch of the Mabinogi

Great Historical Fiction and Fantasy Novels

Heroic Fantasy in Dark Age Wales

How did Latin get into English?

Advice for New Writers

Lyrics and Poetry

On the use of the word ‘gotten’

One Year Ago Today

Original Sources

Pronouncing Welsh Words and Place Names

The Red, Black, and White Books

Sacrificing the Goat

So you want to become a writer . . .


Welsh Idioms

Welsh Pronunciation

Welsh Surnames (2)

Why You Should Keep Writing . . .

Writing Historical Fantasy:  A Conversation with Jules Watson

Writing Historical Fantasy:  A Magical Balance

Writing When It’s Hard