Welsh Names and Places from the Books

Aberystwyth –Ah-bare-IHST-with (the ‘th’ is soft as in ‘forth’)

Bwlch y Ddeufaen – Boolch ah THEY-vine (the ‘th’ is hard as in ‘the’; the ‘ch’ like in the Scottish ‘loch’)

Cadfael – CAD-vile

Cadwallon – Cad-WA/SH/-on

Caernarfon – (‘ae’ makes a long i sound like in ‘kite’) Kire-NAR-von

Dafydd – DAH-vith (the ‘th’ is hard as in ‘the’)

Dolgellau – Doll-GE/SH/-ay

Deheubarth – deh-HAY-barth

Dolbadarn  — Dole-BAH-darn

Dolwyddelan – dole-with-EH-lan

Gruffydd – GRIFF-ith

Gwalchmai – GWALCH-my (‘ai’ makes a long i sound like in ‘kite; the ‘ch’ like in the Scottish ‘loch’)

Gwenllian – Gwen-/SH/EE-an

Gwladys – Goo-LAD-iss

Gwynedd – GWIN-eth (the ‘th’ is hard as in ‘the’)

Hywel – Huh-well

Ieuan – ieu sounds like the cheer: YAY-an

Llanbadarn Fawr – /sh/an-BAH-darn vowr

Llywelyn – /sh/ew-ELL-in

Maentwrog – Mighn-TOO-rog

Meilyr – MY-lir

Owain – OH-wine

Rhuddlan – RITH-lan (the ‘th’ is hard as in ‘the’)

Rhun – Rin

Rhys – Reese

Sion – Shawn (Sean)

Tudur – TIH-deer

Usk – Isk

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  1. Absolutely excited!! I just found your series of books!

    I am an ex Welsh Pat Living in Canada…..I am thrilled to see Welsh Place names and Welsh Names…..

    I have just embraced the MEdieval role…Taking up jousting and role play with my family and Clydesdales…..I cannot wait to tuck in and start the first of your books!

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