Happy Birthday to Me 🙂 - Sarah Woodbury

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I thought about mentioning that 43 is the median life expectancy of the women I’ve surveyed in the Middle Ages, but that is WAY to morbid for today!

I don’t seem to have my baby picture scanned in, but you’ll have to make do with 14:

This is my husband and me looking dorky in 1983.

At Koobi Fora Field School, Kenya (in the back, just to the left of the middle post)

At Stonehenge with friends in 1988 (third from left)

My eldest and me in 1991.

In Belize in 1994.


Akka, Israel, 2008

20 seconds ago

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  1. I am off to volunteer as a medic in Kenya and friends who run a medical organization over there have just returned from Koobi Fora. One thing lead to another and I found the picture of you all from 20 years ago! It got me wondering where are they all now? Are you still in contact with anyone them? Times just flies doesn’t it!

    1. I’m in contact with a couple of them … and really, it’s more like 28 years ago! So yes, time does fly. Good for you for volunteering and be safe.

  2. Great pics, Sarah! Happy Birthday! Mine was on July 6. July is a great month to be born. 😉

    Thanks for following me on Twitter.

    Looks like your books are very popular on Amazon. Congrats and best wishes.

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