Wroxeter Roman City - Sarah Woodbury

Wroxeter Roman City

The Roman City of Wroxeter is located five miles southeast of Shrewsbury in the March of Wales.

Known as Viroconium and initially established as a fort over a native settlement, Wroxeter became the fourth largest city in Britain with a population of up to 15,000 people.

Wroxeter was built at the end of Watling Street, the main Roman road that ran from Dover, through London and across much of Britain.The site was initially established as a jumping off point for the Roman invasion of Wales. Once Wales was conquered, the fort was abandoned by the military and taken over by the civilian population that had settled around it. After the departure of the Romans, Wroxeter continued to be inhabited. In 1967, excavation uncovered the ‘Wroxeter stone’ written in ‘partially Latinized primitive Irish’ and dated to the 5th century when the Irish were raiding and settling in southern and eastern Wales. Wroxeter was inhabited into the 7th century. 

Of particular interest when visiting is the baths and a reconstructed free-standing villa.

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