Winds of Time now available! - Sarah Woodbury

Winds of Time now available!

Winds of Time (A Novella)

Winds of Time is a 20,000 word (100 page) novella from the After Cilmeri series.  I started this story nearly five years ago, as part of Footsteps in Time.  When it came down to it, however, the story didn’t fit with what was happening with David and Anna, and I very reluctantly put it aside.  Several months ago, I pulled it out again, and it occurred to me that my readers might very much like to know what happened to Meg when she returned to the Middle Ages–and thus, in honor of St. David’s Day, I am finally able to share the story with you today in ebook form:

Meg had thought that taking a commuter flight from Pasco, Washington to Boise, Idaho would be a simple matter. But nothing is simple for Meg when it comes to travel, and especially not when she finds herself in the Middle Ages again instead of in a plane crash on a mountain side in Oregon.

And when the pilot takes off without her in a quest to return to the twenty-first century, Meg will need every last bit of maturity and knowledge she gained in the sixteen years she spent in the modern world—-to survive even a day in this one.

A further note from Sarah: Winds of Time takes place between Part 1 and Part 2 of Footsteps in Time, Book One in the After Cilmeri Series. I think you will enjoyWinds of Time more if you read Footsteps in Time first. Diolch yn fawr (thank you)!

At 9:09 pm (PST) on February 29, Winds of Time has just been published to Smashwords in all formats, including Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, etc.:

It is available at Amazon here:

Amazon UK:

And to other outlets in a few days.  Enjoy!


Below is a video my husband took of me at the mouth of the Clwyd River, where Meg and Aaron are beached after the storm in the Irish Sea …

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