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Summer Splash Blog Hop!

The Summer Splash Blog Hop has winners!

10 lucky contestants won one of my ebooks and 1 will receive a Welsh flag mug!

Thank you everyone for participating.  If you won, you should have received an email from me 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

25 Replies to “Summer Splash Blog Hop!”

  1. Got Daughter of Time for my wife and got caught up in the tale. Easy read. Will finish the series and no doubt others in your repertoire. Thanks for a great read and lead in to the series.

  2. [Evil laugh] This is going to be goooood!

    By the way, if I win a book [please,please], can I have the book you’re going to release. I already have the others

  3. Just did an all nighter (well it’s equivalent for a working mom of a toddler) finishing The After Cilmeri series. It was awesome! Please say it has not ended for good. I was reading an e-version so the end snuck up on me. I can’t wait to get more. Just downloaded The Bard’s Daughter knowing full well I will get hooked into the whole series! Thank you 🙂 Glad I found your stories.

    1. I am writing the next book in the series right now (well, I’ll get back to it after I respond to your comment :)) I’m so glad you enjoyed it! So yes … more coming.

  4. Looking forward! I just discovered your books (Daughter of Time and Bard’s Daughter) this summer and am so glad to see you have many more for me to ‘catch up’ reading.

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