Stott Park Bobbin Mill - Sarah Woodbury

Stott Park Bobbin Mill

The Stott Park Bobbin Mill is a working museum located on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria. The mill is the only functioning bobbin mill in the Lake District.

Begun in 1835, the mill produced millions, if not hundreds of millions, of bobbins for the Lancashire spinning and weaving industry. At its height, over 250 boys and men produced over a quarter of a million bobbins a WEEK.

The mill is situated amidst the birch forest harvested to produce the bobbins through a practice called ‘coppicing’, which means repeatedly felling trees at the base and allowing them to regrow, in order to provide a sustainable supply of timber. Bobbins are produced at the mill today through the same methods as two hundred years ago at the height of the industry. It is possible to tour the factory and see bobbins being made. Initially, the mill was run through the power of a water wheel, which was replaced by a water turbine, and then a steam engine, which is still onsite and functional, and then finally electricity.

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