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Sharing numbers redux . . .

Last August, I posted my sales numbers for Amazon US through July, and thought now was the time to share more.  I released two new books in September:  The Pendragon’s Quest, the sequel to The Last Pendragon and The Good Knight, my medieval mystery.  The only reason my numbers are holding up is because I’ve sold hundreds of copies of The Good Knight in the last two months.

Other than The Good Knight, my sales numbers for total books, and the subsequent rankings for all my books, have been down this fall by as much as two-thirds.  I want to reiterate the importance of writing more books.  My big seller since March had been Daughter of Time, which was selling up to 50 books a day at times.  Down to 14 a day now, with the commensurate slow downs for the other books in the trilogy.  I am not complaining!  But I don’t want anyone to think this journey is something other than that . . . a journey with ups and downs and detours and sidetracks where you feel you might have lost your way at times.

And as Joe, David, Dean, and Kris have said numerous times, this is a LONG journey, not a sprint.  I am incredibly blessed to be on this path at all, to have had great success in a short amount of time, and to love the work.

The following are my sales and income for Amazon US over the last 10 months:

January: 22 books sold; income:  $35.64

February:  50 books sold; income:  $53.68

March:  272 books sold; income:  $163.84

April:  2038 books sold; income:  $1254.84

May:  2937 books sold; income:  $4198.09

June:  2225 books sold; income:  $3054.45

July:  2908 books sold; income:  $3413.22

August:  2812 books sold; income:  $3680.30

September:  2423 books sold; income:  $3527.25

October:  2471 books sold; income:  $3775.76

Total books sold on Amazon US:  18,158

11 Replies to “Sharing numbers redux . . .”

  1. Those are impressive numbers! And you are right about always publishing more… I believe it’s the key to keep those numbers climbing!

  2. “this is a LONG journey, not a sprint. I am incredibly blessed to be on this path at all, to have had great success in a short amount of time, and to love the work.”

    Beautiful words. I, too, feel blessed to be on this path. I’m still very much looking forward to reading your books (if only someone could give me a few extra hours a day!) and your look at ‘our’ medieval Scotland and Wales.

  3. Sincere congratulations, Sarah. These are astonishing numbers. You are going to cross the 20,000 barrier in your first year self-publishing. Amazing, and I feel like it’s only the beginning for you.

    Well done!

    1. Thanks, David.

      And as a side note, these numbers are for Amazon US only. I’ve sold an addition 11, 719 books through Smashwords distribution, mostly at 99 cents last spring.

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