Callum’s Song (Wandering Soul)

I listened to this song often when I was writing Exiles in Time and wanted to share it as it makes me think of Callum.

Wandering Soul by Kate Rusby

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  1. I’m glad I’m not alone — there are certain pieces of music that seem to belong to a particular character.

    Do you write to music often? I’m sure it would be helpful in evoking a character or mood.

    In Daughter of Time, you gave the words to a Welsh folksong that Meg sang to LLywelyn. Is it truly a folksong? I would love to hear the tune if it’s available somewhere. I’ve redeveloped a love for “Celtic” music over the past year or so — after volunteering to research appropriate music for my daughter’s wedding. –And yes, I did find the perfect music, — and no, none of the pieces were what would be considered “standard” according to the “expert” recommendations, blogs, etc. Her wedding music was truly unique yet somehow familiar sounding to most ears.

    With persistence, I found a wealth of folk music that has really rekindled the musician in me. Unfortunately, most of it isn’t directly attributable to Wales, but I’m still searching.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems the British Isles lost a lot of music during the Cromwellian period. The religious reformations were hard on the musically inclined! I was just introduced to a Smithsonian CD entitled “English Village Carols.” How refreshing! I was truly taken by the simple enjoyment the singers conveyed — sharing carols that have survived centuries through the persistence of small communities mostly in the Cornwall and Sheffield areas. Am I right in assuming the Plygain carol tradition in Wales must have developed about the same time? Definitely an interesting facet in the persistence of the people.

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