Prestatyn Roman Bath - Sarah Woodbury

Prestatyn Roman Bath

The Prestatyn Roman Bath lies five miles north of the main Roman road that ran east to west across north Wales, starting at Chester. The baths were built as an adjunct to the Roman administrative complex that oversaw the region’s lead mining industry. It was also home to the 20th legion.

A settlement had been located at Prestatyn before the arrival of the Romans, as evidenced by bronze working, round houses, and an infant burial dating to 30 BC. Roman attributes have been found from 70 AD, and the village continued to be occupied through the 4th century. Today, the baths are the only remains of the ancient settlement, the rest of the site having been covered over or destroyed by a housing development. The bathhouse was built around 120 AD and expanded in 150 AD with the addition of a cold-plunge bath, which was fed by its own timber aqueduct.

All that is visible today are the outlines and foundation of the bath itself, in an area roughly twelve meters long by 4.5 meters wide.

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