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Over at Writer Unboxed!

At the end of last month, Anna Elliott asked me to answer some questions about being an indie author, along with N. Gemini Sasson and Jennifer Becton.  Here’s a sample:

What advice can you give to anyone just starting out on the indie path? 


I would suggest to anyone who has written only one book to write at least one other before you indie publish the first one. The process of writing that second book will tell you a lot about how to make your first book better. My first book will never see the light of day, but Footsteps in Time was my second, and although it took me 4 years to make it right, by writing other books, I was able to go back to it and finally create something of which I’m really proud. For the author, the difference between indie publishing and traditional publishing is that you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder and telling you hard truths. So you have to tell those truths to yourself.

Read more at:  http://writerunboxed.com/2012/02/23/advice-for-indies/

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