My Dad - Sarah Woodbury

My Dad

My father died Sunday morning, early, after a short downhill slide, the end of a 4 1/2 year sojourn with cancer.

Ronald G. Woodbury

3 April 1943-21 August 2011

Dr. Ronald Glen Woodbury of Pendleton, Ore., died on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011. He was 68.
Born in Glen Ridge, N.J., on April 3, 1943, the son of Glen and Barbara (Carr) Woodbury, he was raised in Reading, Mass., and attended the Belmont Hill School. He graduated from Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., magna cum laude in 1965. He received his doctorate in Latin American History from Columbia University in 1971. Dr. Woodbury married Melissa Teele in 1965.

He started his teaching career at the University of California at Irvine and then taught at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., where he also served as a dean. In 1987 he became the vice president for academic affairs at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania and then held the same position at Potsdam College of the State University of New York. In 1993 he became the president of The Panama Canal College in the Republic of Panama before returning to Potsdam College as a member of the faculty. He retired to St. Augustine, Fla., in 2001.


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  1. I also was a SUNY Potsdam graduate. From the History Department, Class of ’97. My sympathies go out to you Sarah and to the rest of your family. He was one of my favorite professors at Potsdam along with Vince Knapp, another of my favorites there. He will be greatly missed, and I will always remember the wonderful discussions we had strolling down the hallways and sidewalks of campus.

    RIP Dr. Woodbury. Your were a great teacher, mentor, and friend. Thank you Sarah for this outstanding memorial of him.

  2. I am a 1993 graduate of SUNY Potsdam, and while I was a student there, I worked a few hours a week as an assistant in Dr. Woodbury’s office. I remember him being full of energy and enthusiasm. He always made a point to stop and speak to me any time I saw him, both in his office and around campus. I was so sorry when I read about his passing in the most recent issue of the Potsdam Alumni newsletter. I searched his name and found your video…it was wonderful to see the pictures of the same smiling face I remember. My condolences to all of you for your loss…

  3. I went to elementary school and junior high with your Dad and haven’t seen him since, but I could see the smile of him as a twelve-year-old in your touching video. My condolences to you and your family.

  4. Dad:
    You were a wonderful father-in-law to me and grand father to my two sons Thomas and Jonathan, to whom you devoted much time, love and attention. When I first met you back in 1995 and married your daughter Deborah the following year, you took me right into your family without hesitation. I am having a hard time thinking of the world without you in it and all the discussions we had. I just really wish you had been able to make it to Cape Cod one last time this month because I was looking forward to seeing you there. I can only imagine how your two daughters Sarah and Deborah feel about losing you, not to mention my mother-in-law Melissa. We will miss your energy and vitality toward life and all the love and attention you gave us. Andc we will always, always remember you and will carry a piece of you with us through life. Good-bye Dad!


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