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ManyBooks Interview

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Please give us a short introduction to what Daughter of Time is about.
Daughter of Time is about a young woman who has had some hard knocks in life. She time travels to medieval Wales with her young daughter and encounters Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales. The book is about their relationship, as they both grow in relation to one another.

What inspired you to write this story? Was there anything in particular that made you want to tackle this?
A reader writing a scathing review once said that Daughter of Time read like a love letter to Wales. Honestly, in some ways that’s fair, since I have been in love with Wales since I visited for the first time in college. But what I really was interested in was the story behind this tiny country and the people who called it home. How did they hold off the Saxons, and then the English, for centuries? What gave them that strength?

Tell us more about Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales. What makes him tick?
Llywelyn has given his life to defending his country. He’s proud, sure of himself, and also terrified of a future he knows is looming just ahead. He sees in Meg something that not only draws him to her but gives him hope.

What makes Meg so special?
Meg is an American girl, who underestimates her own worth. In that, she is little different from any other young woman except that she has started to believe in herself, first in the modern world and then more so once she travels to the medieval one. It is that solid core of her character that attracts Llywelyn.

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