Legacy of Time

Continue the After Cilmeri series with Legacy of Time! September 1297. David and his family and friends have come to Carew Castle in Wales to participate in a tournament in the spirit of King Arthur. Two years have passed since the events in Hidden in Time. Questions remain not only as to the whereabouts of the traitor, Bogo de Clare, who remains at large, but the relationship of David’s family with Avalon. Can they still time travel? And, even if they can, would it be better if they didn’t? Join David and his friends and family for the next installment in the After Cilmeri series! See the whole series! https://www.sarahwoodbury.com/the-after-cilmeri-series/ For the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpWrvIyfTZM


  Herald is the fourth book in The Welsh Guard Mysteries. Rhys and Catrin contend with betrayal and insurrection as they resume their duties in the king’s court … September 1284. Within moments of rejoining the king’s company, Rhys and Catrin learn King Edward has not only melted down the silver seal of their murdered prince and turned it into a chalice, but the chalice itself has gone missing a matter of days before its intended consecration at Vale Royal Abbey. Assigned to find the culprit, they discover instead a populace seething over the predations of the abbey and its officers, and an unusual alliance between Norman and Saxon. As the unrest in the countryside grows, Rhys and Catrin’s initial apathy turns to urgency, and with Cheshire teetering on the brink of open rebellion, they are not the only ones who have Read more…

Une Fille du Temps

Une Fille du Temps Au Moyen-Age, un homme au destin incertain, Llywelyn, prince de Galles, affronte trahisons et fourberies, de la part de ses ennemis comme de ses amis… Au vingtième siècle, une jeune femme au passé mouvementé, Meg, dont la vie est en lambeaux, est aspirée par le gouffre du temps et se retrouve au Moyen-Age, au Pays de Galles… Ensemble, peut-être Meg et Llywelyn pourront-ils se frayer un chemin au cœur des allégeances toujours changeantes de leur entourage, qui menacent l’existence même du Pays de Galles, et donner naissance à leur propre histoire, en défiant l’inexorable marche du temps.

The Honorable Traitor

  The fires of war threaten to consume Gwynedd in the Honorable Traitor, the fifteenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery. January 1150. Another attempt at peace has brought the kingdoms of Gwynedd and Powys together. Not everyone wants the deal to succeed, however. In fact, some of those who don’t are the very people meant to be participating. So when the body of a woman turns up in an incriminating location, Queen Cristina is loath to involve anyone in the investigation but … Gareth and Gwen. See the whole series! https://www.sarahwoodbury.com/the-gareth-and-gwen-medieval-mysteries/

Hidden in Time

Hidden in Time continues the journey from Outcasts in Time … When Meg time traveled to 1268 Wales and landed in the arms of Prince Llywelyn, she changed the course of history forever. For most citizens of Earth Two, those changes were for the better, but one family in particular was torn apart … Orphaned since the death of her parents when she was three, Lizzie has spent years praying for someone to rescue her and her sisters from a life of drudgery in their isolated convent. She knows they were meant for greater things, and if only the right person were to discover their suffering, they would once again be treated like the princesses they were born to be. But when strangers arrive in the middle of the night promising to restore them to their former way of life, Lizzie Read more…

The After Cilmeri Series Duo

Join the adventure as Anna and David are catapulted back in time to alter history and save the medieval kingdom of Wales … in the After Cilmeri series duo! Footsteps in Time: Anna is driving her aunt’s minivan with her brother, David, when she crashes through time and finds herself in the middle of an ambush of Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales. It is December 1282, and the English have attacked, hoping to eliminate the Welsh rebels forever. Instead, the siblings save Llywelyn’s life and embark on a journey that transforms not only themselves but an entire world. Footsteps in Time is the story of what might have happened, had Llywelyn lived. And what happens to the two teenagers who save him. Prince of Time: David and his man-at-arms, Ieuan, find themselves alone and on the run from a company Read more…

The After Cilmeri Series Boxed Set

Time travel to medieval Wales. Journey to a medieval world of princes and castles with the first four books in the After Cilmeri series: Daughter of Time (prequel), Footsteps in Time (book 1), Winds of Time (1.5 novella), and Prince of Time (book 2). Daughter of Time: Llywelyn and Meg, a medieval man with an uncertain destiny and a modern woman with a troubled past. Only by working together can they navigate the shifting allegiances that threaten the very existence of Wales – and create their own history that defies the laws of time. Footsteps in Time: Anna is driving her aunt’s minivan with her brother, David, when she crashes through time and finds herself in the middle of an ambush of Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales. It is December 1282, and the English have attacked, hoping to eliminate the Welsh rebels forever. Instead, the siblings save Read more…


  Catrin and Rhys investigate murder at Windsor Castle in Paladin, their third medieval mystery together… August 1284. On the heels of King Edward’s triumph over Wales, the high point of his reign thus far, he receives the worst news possible: his eldest living son and heir to the throne of England has died. Concerned that his victories in Wales, and even more the manner by which he came by them, have brought the wrath of the Almighty down upon his house, King Edward sends Catrin and Rhys to Windsor Castle to investigate. But although they find victims and villains a plenty, their far greater test—of friendship, loyalty, and allegiance—is managing the expectations of a grieving king, who fears his son was murdered—and fears even more that he wasn’t. Paladin is the third book in The Welsh Guard Mysteries.

The Faithless Fool

Gareth & Gwen find themselves once again at the center of a conspiracy … with the throne of England on the line. May 1149. Unexplained death follows Gareth and Gwen wherever they go, as does their reputation for solving murders. So when a man turns up dead at Carlisle Castle, where the pair have traveled as representatives of Gwynedd, King David of Scotland naturally turns to them for answers. But as the investigation unravels, fractures begin to appear within Gwynedd’s proposed alliance. Once again, Gareth and Gwen find themselves at the center of a conspiracy with the throne of England on the line in The Faithless Fool, the fourteenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.  


  King Edward invites his barons to a ‘Round Table’ tournament in the spirit of King Arthur … only to find a murderer lurks among them. July 1284. King Edward has invited the nobility of England, Ireland, and Scotland to Nefyn, one of the most remote spots in Wales, for a Round Table—a tournament as in the tales of King Arthur to celebrate Edward’s victory over the Welsh and his ascension to Arthur’s throne. Not everyone sees the tournament as a friendly competition, however, and in short order, Rhys and Catrin are called to investigate the death of a knight in the retinue of the Earl of Gloucester. But just as in King Arthur’s court, malice and treason lurk beneath the surface, so when murder turns to treachery, it is up to Catrin and Rhys to separate fact from fiction Read more…

The Prince’s Man

Gareth & Gwen are caught up in another round of wedding mayhem in medieval Wales! In the aftermath of Prince Rhun’s death, King Owain and King Madog agreed their children should marry as a way to seal the peace between them. Two years later, the wedding date has finally arrived, though relations between the two kingdoms have improved only to the extent that they aren’t actually at war. So when an innocent falls victim to a poisoned dish, even Queen Cristina is so desperate for the event to take place that she begs Gareth and Gwen to head off another round of murder—and wedding mayhem—in medieval Wales. The Prince’s Man is the thirteenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

Outcasts in Time

Join David and his friends and family for Outcasts in Time, the next installment in the After Cilmeri series! Last we heard from David, he’d allowed George to abduct him at the behest of the CIA, for the stated purpose of forcing him to time travel between Earth Two and Avalon. Meanwhile, Lili and the refugees from Paris were floating down the River Seine, making for the English Channel. And King Philippe was blithely reconstituting his government, unaware that the battle of wills between him and David hadn’t really ended the way he thought. And that, in fact, it hadn’t even ended. David and his companions have pulled off the heist of the millennium. But as David encounters the unexpected in Avalon, and Lili and the refugees face danger at every bend in the river, they must face the hard Read more…