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Footsteps in Time a Break Out Book on I-Tunes!

Holy ebooks, Batman …

Footsteps in TimeI just was notified that Apple’s iBookstore today launched a major feature in the US called ‘Breakout Books’.  It highlights several dozen titles, including my book, Footsteps in Time!

If you go to I-tunes, you can see this feature at the top of the  iBookstore.  The New York Times covered the story this morning at

From Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords, my ebook distributor:

Late last night, I blogged about the feature and mentioned your book here:

This type of feature, currently running with heavy exposure throughout the iBookstore, is unprecedented. The selection of titles will continue to be refreshed with new breakout books and remain accessible at its own unique destination on the iBookstore at

Did you get that?  Here’s the link again:

Thank you to Smashwords, Apple, and all my fabulous readers for making this possible!


Footsteps in Time

In December of 1282, English soldiers ambushed and murdered Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Prince of Wales.  His death marked the end of Wales as an independent nation and the beginning of over seven hundred years under the English boot.

Footsteps in Time is the story of what might have happened had Llywelyn lived.

And what happens to the two teenagers who save him.

Here’s the complete list of books in the After Cilmeri Series.

The After Cilmeri Series:

Daughter of Time (prequel)
Footsteps in Time (Book 1)
Prince of Time (Book 2)
Winds of Time (novella)
Crossroads in Time (Book 3)
Children of Time (Book 4)
Exiles in Time (March 2013)

All of these books are available at all 50 Apple I-Tunes stores.

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  1. This is great news! And I feel sure it will bring even more interested readers. Hooray for an indie author.

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