Family Tree of the Royal House of Wales - Sarah Woodbury

Family Tree of the Royal House of Wales

In general, marriages between the well-born in the Middle Ages were arranged–daughters in particular were essentially sold off in order to cement alliances, concentrate wealth, or gain allies.  That is not to say that sons were any better off, since they too were not marrying for love.  They, however, for the most part had more leeway on whether or not they were faithful to their wives, and certainly had more freedom in general.  Perhaps the most startling example of an arranged marriage that cements an alliance is when Isabella de Braose married Dafydd ap Llywelyn, the son of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Prince of Wales, after her father, William, had been hung by Llywelyn for sleeping with Joanna, his wife.

The families trees of the Gwynedd indicate how closely linked the Welsh princes were to the Marcher lords and to the Kings of England themselves.


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  1. What is the tartan for Gruffydd royalty? I was given a black and royal blue w white kilt. What is correct, please?

  2. Hi Sarah, I am currently trying to figure out my genealogy. I have found your website fascinating and very helpful for references; thank you. Please could you advise if the surname Wynn or it’s variant have appeared anywhere in your work? Or if you have any information on this surname or its origins? I am aware of a potential link between Sir John Wynn, 1st Baronet of Gwydir and also a potential link to the Baronetcy of Newborough at Plasglynllifon. Would be really interesting if you had any information on this. Thank you so much.

    1. Wynne is definitely a Welsh name, but beyond that, I’m sorry, I don’t have any information that isn’t on the website. Good luck!

    1. Not that I know. That isn’t a Welsh name/spelling. They didn’t have surnames at that time either. They went by patronymics.

    1. It could be. When people have first names as last names, very often they are Welsh. I don’t know your specifics regarding royalty. You’d have to trace it 🙂

  3. my maiden name is Bowen my 7th great grandfather Anthony Bowen Sr. of virginia was from wales his father was William still looking for all the wales connections I was told we were part of the court for Henry the VIII is there a reference I can use to located other ancestors Thank you

    1. is probably the place to start. I did my genealogy years ago (when it was free 🙂 ). ‘Bowen’ almost certainly derives from ‘Ab Owain’, so definitely Welsh!

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