Exiles in Time is here! - Sarah Woodbury

Exiles in Time is here!

Exiles in Time is finally here!  Currently available at:  Amazon  Amazon UK  Apple I-Tunes   Barnes and Noble  Smashwords  Kobo  and  Paperback


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Here’s the pitch:

Two years in Afghanistan, four years working for MI-5, the British security service, and the death of both of his parents from cancer. At the age of thirty-four, Callum thought he’d experienced the worst that life could throw at him. That is, until his boss ordered him to open a buried file on his desk and to take it seriously. His new assignment: to detain and question a pregnant woman and her ailing husband—and if need be, to stop them from returning to medieval Wales.

Until today, Callum believed in his job and always followed orders. Until today, he thought time travel wasn’t real …

Exiles in Time is a novel from the After Cilmeri Series. Other books in the series include Daughter of TimeFootsteps in Time, Prince of Time, Winds of Time, Crossroads in Time, and Children of Time.


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And let me tease you a little … we’re going to catch up with some characters we’ve missed over the last several books, and discover that Callum isn’t the only exile in time.

Amazon  Amazon UK  Barnes and Noble  Apple I-Tunes  Smashwords  Paperback  Kobo 


Kudos to my cover artist, Christine DeMaio-Rice at flipcitybooks.com


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  1. Sarah,
    Loved Exiles in Time! Callum is a great lead character – I can see why King David made him an Earl. I would love to read more of this series…it just keeps getting better and better! The stories remain strong, fresh and intriguing.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  2. What a great pitch! You have blended two intriging genres into one uniquely your own. And I love the cover with its misty effect.

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