Darkiss Reads reviews The Pendragon's Quest! - Sarah Woodbury

Darkiss Reads reviews The Pendragon’s Quest!

The folks over at Darkiss Reads have posted a wonderful review for The Pendragon’s Quest:

“Sarah Woodbury outdoes herself with “The Pendragon’s Quest”, which I thought was impossible because the first book was so good. I was wrong, this book surpasses the first as the author brings us deeper into Cade’s world and those of his companions. Again I was caught up in the brotherhood of warriors whose mettle was tested time and time again in battle. The story explores and adds more depth to the Characters of Cade’s most trusted Knights; Dafydd, Hywel and Goronwy whose loyalty to King and country could cost them their lives.

We see the true meaning of courage and the will to never surrender flow from the pages of this novel. We see the love grow and strengthen between Cade and Rhiann along with the respect they have for each other and their vulnerably in their need for each other. And last but not least Taliesin who in this story has his own demons to fight, as Cade journeys with him to a place where only few have gone before in search of something that was lost. The author also introduces two new female characters which add depth to certain characters. These subplots within the story all weave together beautifully at the end.

. . . The novel is extremely well written, and Sarah Woodbury is a true Bard in every sense of the world. Her storytelling ability and true to life battle scenes puts her right up there as one of my favorite authors. The cover artwork for her book is amazing and just helps fuel the imagination as the story unfolds as myth and legend come to life. I give this book 5 stars.”

Please see their web page for the rest of the review:  http://www.darkissreads.com/2011/09/pendragons-quest-last-pendragon-saga-by.html

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