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Children of Time now available at all venues!

I’m happy to report that my hopes have been fulfilled that November would be the month that all readers could download Children of Time in the format of their choice. It is now available at Amazon, BN, Apple, Smashwords and all the international stores to which these stores distribute. It is also available at Amazon and BN in paper both in the US and internationally.

Children of Time (Book Four in the After Cilmeri Series)

November 1288. Bereft of a king or rightful heir, England hurtles towards civil war for the second time in a generation. When David, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Lili, travel to London to attend the wedding of William de Bohun and Princess Joan, they have no intention of involving themselves in local politics.

But as infighting leads to murder, David and Lili find themselves at the center of a far-reaching conspiracy. Trapped between history and legend, they must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to save not only their own country, but the people of England as well.

Meanwhile, back in Wales, Llywelyn and Meg discover that time is no barrier to either adventure or trouble.

Children of Time, book four in the After Cilmeri series, continues the story of Llywelyn, Meg, and their children in the medieval kingdom of Wales.

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