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Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle is located in Cheshire, and was part of the Earldom of Chester in the Middle Ages. It is a medieval fortress built in the 1220s on a high plateau by Ranulf, the 6th Earl of Chester, to consolidate his position in the northwest of England.

Beeston has a long history of occupation, dating back to the Iron age, and the current castle incorporates these early banks and ditches into its construction. King Henry III took the castle in 1237, after the death of the last earl who died without an heir. The castle then became a jumping off point for the king’s campaigns in Wales. Prisoners captured at Evesham, during the Second Baron’s war, were held here, including Humphrey de Bohun, who died of his wounds while in custody. The castle remained in royal ownership until the 16th century. As were many castles in Britain, it was partially demolished during the 17th century Civil War.

Still visible today are not only parts of the iron age fortifications but the initial works of that first Ranulf, including the rock-cut ditch, the inner and outer gatehouses, much of the curtain wall in the inner ward and at least one tower on the outer curtain wall. 

Beeston Castle plays a major role in Shades of Time and Champions of Time, two books in the After Cilmeri series.

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