The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries

The Bard’s Daughter (novella)
The Good Knight  
The Uninvited Guest
The Fourth Horseman
The Fallen Princess
The Unlikely Spy
The Lost Brother
The Renegade Merchant
The Unexpected Ally
The Worthy Soldier
The Favored Son
The Viking Prince

The Bard’s Daughter

The Bard’s Daughter is a prequel novella to the Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mysteries:

As a bard’s daughter, Gwen has spent her life traveling from castle to castle and village to village with her family, following the music. In the winter of 1141, Gwen’s family is contracted to provide the entertainment for the coming-of-age celebration of a lord’s son. But before the celebration can begin, Gwen’s father is found over the body of his friend, with a harp string as the murder weapon and blood on his hands.

With the lord of the castle uninterested in finding the true killer, it is up to Gwen to clear her father’s name before her father’s music is silenced … forever.

The Bard’s Daughter is available at all retailers:

The Good Knight

Join Gareth & Gwen in their first mystery together!

Five years after Gareth walked away from Gwen in disgrace, forbidden to offer marriage, she encounters him in the aftermath of an ambush, standing over the body of a murdered king. Although it isn’t exactly the reunion she’d hoped for, by necessity the pair join forces against the treachery and intrigue rife within the court of Gwynedd.

And once blame for the murder falls on Gareth himself, Gwen must continue her search for the truth alone, finding unlikely allies in foreign lands, and ultimately uncovering a conspiracy that will shake the political foundations of Wales.

The Good Knight is free at all retailers:

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The Uninvited Guest

It is the winter of 1143 and all is not well in the court of Owain, King of north Wales. His future in-laws are untrustworthy, the Norman lords on his eastern border are restless, and among his wedding guests lurks a cold-blooded killer. Gareth and Gwen have marriage plans of their own, but their love will have to wait while the pair race to separate truth from lies, friends from foes, and unravel the mystery before King Owain—and his new bride—fall victim to their uninvited guest.

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The Fourth Horseman

May 1144. Newly wedded, Gareth and Gwen travel across the border into England on a diplomatic mission with Prince Hywel of Wales. Within moments of their arrival, however, the mission goes awry and a murder case drops (literally) at their feet. Hindered at every turn by a climate of civil war and constantly shifting political alliances, Gareth and Gwen race to solve the murder and expose a plot that threatens not only their lives, but the life of the future King of England himself.

Murder, intrigue, and treachery take center stage in The Fourth Horseman, the third Gareth and Gwen medieval mystery.

The Fourth Horseman is available at all retailers:

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The Fallen Princess

Hallowmas 1144. With the harvest festival approaching, Gareth has returned from fighting in the south, hoping for a few months of peace with Gwen before the birth of their first child. But when an innocent foray to the beach turns up the murdered body of Prince Hywel’s long lost cousin, a woman thought to have run away with a Dane five years earlier, it is Gareth and Gwen who are charged with discovering her killer. The trail has long since gone cold, or so Gareth and Gwen think, until their investigation threatens to expose dangerous truths that everyone else from king to killer would prefer to keep buried.

No secret is safe, and no man, whether lord or peasant, can escape the spirit of Hallowmas in The Fallen Princess, the fourth Gareth and Gwen medieval mystery.

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The Unlikely Spy

August 1146. Prince Hywel has called all the bards of Wales to him for a music festival to mark the third anniversary of his rule over Ceredigion. He has invited all the lords of Wales too, including his father, his uncle, and his neighbor to the south, King Cadell. But with the highborn also come the low: thieves, spies, and other hangers-on. And when a murderer strikes as the festival starts, Gareth and Gwen are charged with discovering his identity—before the death of a peasant shakes the throne of a king.

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The Lost Brother

November 1146. War has come to Gwynedd at the hands of Ranulf, Earl of Chester, who seeks to gain a foothold in Wales against the day peace finally comes to England. On the eve of King Owain’s counter-assault on Mold Castle, the body of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Gwen is discovered buried in someone else’s grave. Even in the midst of war, murder must be investigated, and it falls to Gareth and Gwen to bring the guilty to justice.

When their investigation uncovers not only another body, but also treason at the highest levels of King Owain’s court, Gareth and Gwen must come to terms with unprecedented treachery—and a villain whose crimes can never be forgiven.

The Lost Brother is the sixth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery. Available at all retailers:

Now also available in Audiobook at iTunes, Audible, and Amazon!

The Renegade Merchant

March 1147. Determined to escape the gloom that has descended on Aber, Gareth and Gwen travel to Shrewsbury in an attempt to find answers about Rhun’s death, about the whereabouts and plans of Prince Cadwaladr, and about Gwen’s family ties to England.

But when John Fletcher, now Deputy of Sheriff of Shrewsbury, asks Gareth to help him investigate a pool of blood for which he has no body, Gareth can’t refuse. And when the investigation points to a conspiracy involving some of the leading citizens of Shrewsbury, Gareth and Gwen find—as always seems to be the case with Gwynedd’s foremost investigators—that when they go looking for answers, trouble is never far behind.

The Renegade Merchant is the seventh Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery. It is available at all retailers:

Now also available in Audiobook at iTunes, Audible, and Amazon!

The Unexpected Ally

March 1147. Assassination, espionage, betrayal. King Owain has ridden east to confront King Madog of Powys with the attempt on the life of his son. Rhys, now abbot of St. Kentigern’s monastery, hopes for peace and calls both Madog and Owain to the negotiating table. Peace, however, is the last thing on Madog’s mind. Recalcitrant, righteous, and angry, he sees King Owain’s recent weakness as his opportunity and knows that Owain’s own barons are circling like wolves, waiting for the chance to overthrow him.

With the throne of Gwynedd in the balance, Abbot Rhys is desperate to broker a deal. And when the body of a royal spy is found within hours of King Owain’s arrival at St. Asaph’s, it is up to Gareth and Gwen to find the killer before the wrong man is hanged—and a country lost.

The Unexpected Ally is the eighth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

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Now also available in Audiobook at iTunes, Audible, and Amazon!

The Worthy Soldier

May 1147. Gareth and Gwen have traveled to Deheubarth in the retinue of Prince Hywel. The Prince of Gwynedd has temporarily allied himself with King Cadell and his Norman relations in order to finally evict the hated Flemings from south Wales. But while the battle goes well, the celebratory feast afterwards does not, leaving Gareth and Gwen among the few left standing. And it is to them, as always, that the investigation falls and on whom peace in Wales may well depend.

The Worthy Soldier is the ninth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

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The Favored Son (1/21/2018)

November 1147. Gareth and Gwen have again been called to a castle belonging to Robert, Earl of Gloucester, this time by Prince Henry, who insists his uncle was murdered. Allying with Normans doesn’t come easily to Gareth and Gwen, but initial doubts are swept aside as more losses come to light. Because Robert’s death has upended the balance of power in England, friends and foes alike have a vested interest in keeping the truth from coming out, and it is up to Gareth and Gwen to stop the killer before he claims another victim—and maybe a country.

The Favored Son is the tenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

Available now at all retailers:

Now also available in Audiobook at iTunes, Audible, and Amazon!


The Viking Prince (9/18/2018)

May 1148. All Dublin is shocked by the murder of a prominent merchant, but only Prince Godfrid knows that the man was also a co-conspirator in his brother’s plan to take the throne of Dublin. With death stalking his every move, Godfrid must call upon new friends and old to find the killer–and with their help uncover a conspiracy stretching beyond Dublin’s walls to shake the foundations of every kingdom in Ireland.

The Viking Prince is the 11th Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

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49 thoughts on “The Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries”

  1. Sarah just wanted to say again how much I enjoy the series. I’m glad you’re one of those “quick” writers & hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next book in the series. Any idea when the next book will be out?

  2. Hi, I’m really enjoying reading the Gareth and Gwen mysteries! I have a question and I don’t mean it in a “gotcha” or snarky way. In The Fourth Horseman, you mention that Queen Matilda captured Earl Robert at Winchester. Is that a mistake? He was her half brother and supported her in the war, so why would she capture him? I can’t refer to a page number because I’m reading the Kindle version, but it’s in Chapter 5. Thanks and keep writing! 🙂

    1. Ah … that’s the Matilda/Maud problem. Queen Matilda is King Stephen’s wife. Empress Maud is King Stephen’s cousin. So depending on the historical source, they are both called Matilda and Maud interchangeably. Because within the historical mystery genre, Ellis Peters wrote about this era first, I have gone with her distinction between two queens with the same name. Thus, Queen Matilda (Stephen’s wife) captured Earl Robert, (Empress Maud’s half-brother).

      Does that make sense now?

      1. Omg yes, that makes total sense, thank you! I had always confused the Maud/Matilda issue and didn’t realize that King Stephen’s wife also bore that name. Thanks!!

  3. I purchased your Garth & Gwen Series under the impression it was the complete boxed set as it had the cover complete series before it got updated to books 1-7. Is there any plans to integrate future books in the boxed set or create a new one for the complete series.

    1. It was the complete set when I published it! 🙂 Then I released book 8, so naturally it wasn’t complete anymore, and I had to change the cover/front matter to reflect that fact. I won’t be integrating any more novels into the set that’s already published, but I may well bundle everything into a complete set at a later date. Thanks for writing!

  4. I’m really enjoying the Gareth & Gwen series. I just finished the Fourth Horseman & looking forward to reading the rest. Happy to know there will be more coming. the characters are what keep me coming back for more. I always want to know what’s going to happen to them next! 🙂

      1. Do you have an approximate date for the release of Book 9? I’m just about to start An Unexpected Ally and I really hate that “dangling” feeling! Love your work.

        1. It is well in the works. I’m hoping to make it available for preorder by the end of this month 🙂 So glad you have enjoyed the books!

  5. This series is seriously amazing!! I am looking for An Unlikely Ally in July. Besides the fact that the historical data is great, I had no idea there were no brothels in Wales at that time. I also like the way you address the issues of “acceptance” by Hywel and Gareth of the death of Rhyn, and the issue of how Gareth & Gwen are becoming more numb to the investigations, and that family life is of paramount importance. Good luck with all future endeavors – I truly enjoy this series.

  6. Someone thought The Renegade Merchant was your last book; I told them on your website you said you were continuing your series, hope this is still the case! How is the next book in Gareth & Gwen’s saga coming? Thank you so much for your contributions to historical fiction!

    1. It isn’t the last book! In fact, the preorder links should go up in the middle of April. I will let everyone know as soon as I do 🙂

  7. I just found the Gareth and Gwen series, and have blasted my way through them this past week. I really admire how you intertwine the story with the real historical details. I find your style of doing this unique and powerful. I have had great fun going back and forth from the book to the Internet looking at the history while in the midst of the story. Thanks for the lovely reads, and can’t wait for more. BTW, it can be a bummer to read so fast. The waiting for the latest book is painful!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! I have always read that fast–you want to savor it, but you just can’t slow down 🙂 I’m working on the next book now, so it IS coming …

  8. I would love to start reading all of your books. Can you please tell me in which order I should read them, in terms of series?

    1. I have multiple series, so you can just start with the first book in whichever series you think you’ll like best! If you like mysteries, start with The Good Knight. If you like the dark ages, start with Cold My Heart, and so on! Here’s the complete list of my books, organized by series:

      The After Cilmeri Series:
      Daughter of Time (prequel)
      Footsteps in Time (Book 1)
      Winds of Time (novella)
      Prince of Time (Book 2)
      Crossroads in Time (Book 3)
      Children of Time (Book 4)
      Exiles in Time
      Castaways in Time
      Ashes of Time
      Warden of Time
      Guardians of Time
      Masters of Time

      The Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mysteries:
      The Bard’s Daughter (prequel novella)
      The Good Knight
      The Uninvited Guest
      The Fourth Horseman
      The Fallen Princess
      The Unlikely Spy
      The Lost Brother
      The Renegade Merchant

      The Lion of Wales series:
      Cold My Heart
      The Oaken Door
      Of Men and Dragons
      A Long Cloud

      The Last Pendragon Saga:
      The Last Pendragon
      The Pendragon’s Quest

      The Paradisi Chronicles:
      Erase Me Not

  9. Sarah, I am just finishing off the Garth and Gwen series of books. I have enjoyed all I have read so far and continue to enjoy the Renegade Merchant. I was hoping Cadwaladr would get his come uppence in the last book and am pleased that King Owain gets on with things at the end of this book. Will you write any more in this series?

    I have enjoyed all the characters and was sad when Prince Rhun was killed, even if it was by default. Well don’t on a great series.

    Sylvia Webb

  10. In the last month I have read all the Gareth and Gwen books and I absolutely love them! Couldn’t put them down ?
    Can’t wait for more!

  11. I love this series. I came across one on BookBub and have read all of them over the last couple of months. Can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  12. I have all of the Gwen and Gareth books. They are fantastic. Full of adventure and mystery from beginning to end. It is hard to put down until I have read the whole book. Looking foward to the next book.

  13. I tried with your free book, The Good Knight. I got to page 210 and so far it is terrible, nothing like how you wrote the After Cilmeri Series. It has been one awful situation after another. I know they will survive because it is a series, but there is nothing to be cheerful or happy about so far. I don’t enjoy reading morose & dismal gloom and doom books. Just because the guilty party gets their comeuppance in the last chapter (which I’m sure they will), that doesn’t negate and make enjoyable everything leading up to it.
    You had bad things happen in the After Cilmeri series, but not 210 pages of nothing going right for the main characters.
    The last straw, for me, was letting Gwen be taken into the ship.

    1. Sorry, you didn’t like it, and I’ve never heard anyone else describe it that way, but not every series pleases every person. The next After Cilmeri will be out early next year and I hope that will be more to your taste.

      1. If you ever have Erase Me Not for free, I will try that. That looks interesting. I like it when women perform way beyond all expectations. LIke Chelsea in “Runaway Heart” by Claudy Conn. Is Abby like this?

  14. I love the Gareth and Gwen series. I started with A GOOD KNIGHT when it was a free offering(that ie usually how i find ‘new’ authors)and was hooked. Cannot wait for the next one.

  15. Just finished The Lost Brother! I was hesitant to read the Gwen and Gareth books but loved the The After Cilmeri Series. Now I’m a fan of both series! Can’t wait for more of either! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  16. Love your Gareth and Gwen books and have them all on my Kindle.I have just finished The Lost Brother, can’t wait for the next

  17. I LOVE THIS SERIES. But when Run asked to borrow Gareth’s helmet I feared what happened would happen. Do you know when the next one will come out? Soon please.Keep up the good work!!!
    I am an avid reader. I LOVE HISORICAL FITION. I love that your stories are do not contain porn! Your characters are strong,and real. The stories are well thought out.You focus on issues of their times.Well done.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you wrote me and am happy to hear how much you love the series. The 7th mystery should appear towards the end of 2015. Happy reading!

  18. Is “The Lost Brother” not going to be available via “Smashwords” ???

    I use a Kobo (ePub format) but have never be able to get your books via Kobo or Amazon or “Barnes and Noble” 🙁 Only “Smashwords” seems to work for me in the UK.


    1. It will be there, Dave, but you can’t preorder it through them.

      It’s kind of weird that you can’t get it via Kobo from your Kobo device. But either way, it will be available at Smashwords come February.

  19. I love this series and have 6 of the books. I just recently discovered your books . I hope to fond your next book Ai Noble & Barnes soon. Then I hope to star your
    other a series.
    Please continue this series With Garth & Gwen. Thanks

    Betty Chapman

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