The Brothers Gwynedd

Once there were three brothers:  Owain, Llywelyn, and Dafydd … For more information about Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and his rule of Wales, as well as the difficulties posed by the Norman encroachments, see: 11 December 1282 Arwystli The Battle of the Menai Straits Betrayal in the Belfry of Bangor Biography of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Cymerau […]

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd

Llywelyn was the last Prince of Wales, which any reader of my blog should know by now since I obsess about him.  But has anyone ever rendered him in crochet form before as has my daughter?  Behold! Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was born somewhere around 1225 (amazingly, historians are sure of neither the date nor his […]

Introducing … The Uninvited Guest!

My second Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery is now available! It is the winter of 1143 and all is not well in the court of Owain, King of north Wales. His future in-laws are untrustworthy, the Norman lords on his eastern border are restless, and among his wedding guests lurks a cold-blooded killer.  Gareth and […]

If you were David, a time-traveling Prince of Wales . . .

My After Cilmeri series follows a family (two teenagers and a mom) who travel in time back to the Middle Ages.  One passage in Prince of Time prompted me think about all those products we buy here.  How many–were we to take them back with us to the Middle Ages–would truly prove useful?    Like David in the […]