The Welsh Dragon

For most of history, the Welsh dragon was not a very common symbol. In fact, it was flown by only one king, Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon, who reigned from 655-682 AD. It was so distinct that his flag came to be known as “the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr”.  Today, it is known as the ‘Welsh dragon’ and the […]

The Best and Worst of King Arthur Movies

  I’m bumping this post because I’ve just discovered that a new King Arthur movie is in the works.  Now, King Arthur always provides good fodder for story-telling, but I’m not so sure about this: The title of the article says it all, but here’s a quote:  “J.D Shapiro wordsmith of “Robin Hood : Men […]

Darkiss Reads reviews The Pendragon’s Quest!

The folks over at Darkiss Reads have posted a wonderful review for The Pendragon’s Quest: “Sarah Woodbury outdoes herself with “The Pendragon’s Quest”, which I thought was impossible because the first book was so good. I was wrong, this book surpasses the first as the author brings us deeper into Cade’s world and those of […]