Children of Time is coming!

Here’s the cover for the print book!  I just couldn’t wait to share it. Currently, Children of Time, the fourth book in the After Cilmeri series (fifth, if you include  Daughter of Time), is in the editing/copyediting process.  I am planning on a November release date.  If you want to know the moment it arrives […]

Darkiss Reads reviews The Pendragon’s Quest!

The folks over at Darkiss Reads have posted a wonderful review for The Pendragon’s Quest: “Sarah Woodbury outdoes herself with “The Pendragon’s Quest”, which I thought was impossible because the first book was so good. I was wrong, this book surpasses the first as the author brings us deeper into Cade’s world and those of […]

Anna Elliott: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary

Today’s Inspiration Award goes to Anna Elliott!  Anna is the author of the Twilight of Avalon Trilogy (book three comes out this September), and she has recently gone the indie route with the publication of her new book Georgiana Darcy’s Diary.   Welcome Anna! _______________________ I’ve read Pride and Prejudice many, many times, and seen the […]

Writing and re-writing: A Novel of King Arthur

I normally blog about dark age and medieval Wales, and just touch on the writing that has preoccupied my life for the last five years. But I’ve just put up my new novel, Cold My Heart:  A Novel of King Arthur, and I thought I’d talk about the process that created it, particularly for my […]

Women In Ancient Rome–Guest Post by Suzanne Tyrpak

Today I have a guest post by author, Suzanne Tyrpak.  Welcome, Suzanne! ________________      About seven years ago (before my divorce, when I had some expendable income) I traveled to Rome with a group of writers. I fell in love with Italy, Rome in particular. A travel book I read contained a short blurb about […]

New Books Available!

I’ve been working on the After Cilmeri series, a young adult, time-travel fantasy, for the past five years.  As should be obvious by now, the fate of Wales after the death of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd has been a near-constant occupation of mine, and these novels are a fun way to imagine a different fate for him.   A prequel […]