Anna Elliott: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary

Today’s Inspiration Award goes to Anna Elliott!  Anna is the author of the Twilight of Avalon Trilogy (book three comes out this September), and she has recently gone the indie route with the publication of her new book Georgiana Darcy’s Diary.   Welcome Anna! _______________________ I’ve read Pride and Prejudice many, many times, and seen the […]

Things Fall Apart–the End of an Independent Wales

Things Fall Apart is the name of an excellent book written in 1958 by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, describing his main character’s fall from grace where he loses his power, his family, and ultimately his life (he hangs himself).   It is an equally apt phrase for defining what happened in Wales immediately after the death of […]

The Poetic Tradition

Tonight the hall of my lord is dark, With neither fire nor bed. I will weep a while, then still myself to silence. Tonight the hall of my lord is dark, With neither fire nor candle. Who will give me peace? Tonight the hall of my lord is dark, With neither fire nor light. Grief […]

Writing and re-writing: A Novel of King Arthur

I normally blog about dark age and medieval Wales, and just touch on the writing that has preoccupied my life for the last five years. But I’ve just put up my new novel, Cold My Heart:  A Novel of King Arthur, and I thought I’d talk about the process that created it, particularly for my […]

Links to Interviews, Guest Blogs, and Posts :)

A couple of links that came up this week: Interview over at Kindle Authors on Thursday, talking about The Last Pendragon: Interview over at The Inner Bean on Friday, talking about writing Historical Fiction: Interview over at Katie Klein Writes on Friday about Footsteps in Time:  Daughter of Time listed on the Indie […]