Toxic Beauty

The Associated Press reported this story two days ago: A mistress of the French King Henry II died from her beauty regime which involved drinking liquid gold, designed to prolong her youthful allure.  The story reads:   “The French court believed gold harnessed the power of the Sun, which would be transferred to the […]

Time Travel part II

In terms of modern inventions that could be implemented in the Middle Ages, with the available technology, there are two which seemed most likely to make a difference to medieval people.  The first was simple sterilization:  washing hands, submersing implements and wounds in alcohol, and boiling.  Just taking these precautions could decrease rates of infections […]

Wisdom Teeth

Although within fiction and movies, there is a sense that hygiene was poor and few people lived into adulthood with all their teeth intact, people did care for their teeth in the Middle Ages.  Herbs and mouthwashes existed that allowed people to do so: At the same time, it is certainly true that tooth extraction […]