Medieval Days of the week 1100-1500 AD

I just discoverd a web page ( where some hearty soul has calculated the dates/days of the week from 1100-1500 AD. Thus, for the book I’m writing now, I discovered that 11 December 1282 was a Friday. It was also the 3rd day before the Ides, which was a Roman way of figuring the days. The […]

National Novel Writing Month

Yay!  NaNoWriMo is one of the most insane-yet-exhilerating things I’ve done, certainly as a writer.  Maybe as a person.  Writing 50,000 words in a month is a lot.  This year, I did it the smart way and paced myself.   Last year, I wrote 15,000 words in four days, gave up on the book as a […]

Writing Historical Fantasy: A Magical Balance

Today, Anna Elliott, the author of the wonderful Twilight of Avalon (Touchstone:  May 2009) is here to talk about blending history and fantasy when writing historical fiction.  Welcome, Anna! —— Ever since I wrote Twilight of Avalon, based on the Trystan and Isolde legend in the larger cycle of Arthurian tales, I’ve often been asked for […]

Dark Age and Medieval Armor

The Arthurian knight in plate mail, jousting on his horse, is the classic image of a medieval knight, but is totally inaccurate.  Armor has evolved over time and that plate mailed knight was a relatively late development in the evolution of warfare. Dark Age warriors wore a range of leather and chain mail armor, properly referred to […]